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Wastewater Facility
410 Old Highway 69 S
Mount Vernon, IN 47620
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  • Phone:  (812) 838-3396
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    7:00 - 3:30 Monday - Friday

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Wastewater Department

Wastewater Treatment Process

The main function of the Sewer Department is to treat the waste that is entering the plant's head works. Once the waste enters the plant, it goes through the treatment process as outlined below:

  1. Bar Screen: This equipment is designed to prevent pump clogs by removing most of the large floating objects that enter the plant.

  2. Grit Collection: This process removes objects that are small enough to pass through the bar screen and heavy enough to settle to the bottom of the collection system.

  3. Primary Sedimentation Tank: After the wastewater passes thought the grit collector, it's pumped to the primary tank where the solids settle to the bottom and floating material is removed by treatment plant employees.

  4. Secondary Clarifier: When solids reach a certain level of gm/l solids must be transferred from the clarifier to the digester for reduction.

  5. Final Tank: This is the last stage of the treatment and the most important. After the wastewater goes through the above process, it is returned to the Ohio River.. The limit of the wastewater must comply with the standards set forthNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit.

Responsibility for Sewer Lines and Lift Stations

The sewer department is responsible for only the main sewer line. This line receives wastewater from homes and businesses. Those homes and businesses are responsible for the lateral lines. Lateral lines are those sewer lines that from the house or business to the main sewer line.

In the event that a home or business is located in an area that prevents gravity flow, a lift station is used to pump the wastewater to the treatment plant. The Mount VernonSewer Department has several lift stations located at various sites throughout the city.