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Registration Policies


Please read ALL of the following information before registering

Deadlines: All registration deadlines and late deadlines are FINAL, unless otherwise published or announced by the Parks & Recreation Department. Please be aware of these deadlines. All programs will be published in the Mt. Vernon Democrat and Posey Co. News.

Forms: Registration forms will be made available at the Parks & Recreation Dept. Office and at local schools whenever possible. All forms must be turned in or mailed to the Dept. by the deadlines listed with payment. No registrations can be taken over the phone or without payment. Children MUST be registered by their immediate parents or legal guardians only. Waiver forms MUST be signed by the child's parent(s) or legal guardian for ALL Youth Programs. Forms are available inside for many of the programs listed in this brochure!

Team Policy: All players will be placed on a team randomly (with the exception of Tackle/Cub football, Basketball). Every effort will be made to have balance among the teams (specifically in terms of age and gender). THERE WILL NOT BE teams based upon location or school, as this has proved to cause unbalanced teams in the past. However, parents will be allowed to request that their child be placed on a team with ONE other child for the following reasons. Children from the same family or for car pooling. Any additional requests WILL NOT be met. Furthermore, once placed on a team, players WILL NOT be allowed to switch teams for ANY reason. Please do not call the Park Dept. and ask to have your child placed or switched to a particular team, as this is not our policy, and will not be done.

Team Practices: Practices will be set up individually by each team coach or assistant coach, depending upon when they are available to give their time to the team. The Parks Dept. is NOT responsible for scheduling practices (except for Cub football, Basketball). Any conflicts between players and practice schedules must be dealt with by the parents and the coaches themselves. Please note that all coaches and assistants are volunteering their time to work with the youth involved in these programs.

Coaching Info: Coaches and Assistants are needed for all youth sports programs! If you or someone you know would be interested in helping with a team, please contact the Parks and Recreation Office at 838-3691. Coaches are subject to a criminal background check.

Refunds: Will only be given to those who have registered, but never actively participated in the program, including practices. Once the program has begun, NO refunds will be given regardless of the participant's absence or injury.

* We encourage and welcome any participants with emotional and or physical disabilities. Please explain on the registration form the disability, along with the participant's skill level, and what age group would be appropriate for your child. Also, please list any special needs or conditions this child may have.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to help with any program, contact the Parks and Recreation Office at 838-3691.