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     If you have a complaint regarding weeds and tall grass, tires or abandoned vehicles in

your area of Mount Vernon, you can call City Hall to file a complaint at 812-838-5576.

     If you have a complaint regarding trash, you can call the Mount Vernon City Garage to

file a complaint at 812-838-2352.

     Once a complaint is filed, someone will go out and access the area in question.  If the

complaint is in violation, a letter will be sent to the property owner to abate the violation.

They can have up to 10 days depending on violation before the city can take any further


     The City is asking the residents to be cautious when mowing and not throw grass out

into the street.  The grass not only clogs the storm sewers but makes a slick surface for

motorcycles and bicycles.  Throwing grass out into the street as well as other articles is in

violation of City Ordinance No 75-25. 

     Click the links below to view the Ordinances.

                              Weed Ordiance

                       Tire Ordinance

                       Trash Ordinance